Tina Godinger, LCSW

​Couples/Individual Therapist

Certified Bringing Baby Home Educator

156 Fifth Avenue 

(northwest corner at 20th Street)

Suite 1232

NY, NY 10009


  • Individual Counseling:   What's wrong with wanting some extra support?  There are always moments in our lives where things get a little confusing or overwhelming.  Life seems to take over and we no longer feel like we are the drivers.  Take time to slow life down and really think about what you are doing and why.  This is an opportunity to explore the most important thing in your life....your life. Start now, get some clarity and take action. 

​​​Services for Individuals:

  • ​Building A Resilient Relationship: ​ This is a class offered monthly for those who are interested in learning what the research says about maintaining satisfying relationships.  Participants will obtain a roadmap for a successful relationship, learn practical skills for a strong partnership, identify warning signs of relationship meltdown, and discover remedies for poisonous behavior.