• Pre-Marital  Counseling:   This is an excellent option for those who are considering furthering their commitment to each other.  The goal of a relationship is not just to stay together  but to be happy and satisfied.  Learning the tools that are known to provide the strongest foundations for a relationship.  It is great to have these skills that way they become second nature and will make the inevitable conflicts easier to manage.

Services for Couples:

I took up skiing as an adult.  I have to say that being in a relationship reminds me of skiing,  It has a high cost.  In order to avoid injury and have the most chance of fun, it is best to be prepared.  The environment can make it unsafe and even the most experienced can take a big fall and get injured. I provide a wide range of services for couples who are looking for more skills based and preventive measures to those who are feeling like they have already taken a big fall.

  • Bringing Baby Home Workshop:

Tina Godinger, LCSW

​Couples/Individual Therapist

Certified Bringing Baby Home Educator

85 Fifth Avenue 

(between 16th and 17th Street)

Suite 903

NY, NY 10003


  • ​Couples Counseling:  Those who hurt and/or irritate us the most are also those who we are most invested.  In the first sessions, we will decide together what approaches to counseling fits your personality.  For some couples, they are looking for concrete skills and exercises to get their relationship moving in the right direction.  Some couples may respond better by having a different experience in therapy sessions to carry hope for interactions at home.   Having advanced training in different modalities, allows the flexibility to use both concrete, didactic interventions and experiential, emotionally focused techniques.
  • Strength/Needs Assessment:  This is a five step process that may be stand alone or integrated into any of the other services.  It includes a lengthy questionnaire that each partner completes individually.  The questionnaire has been research and tested.  The Assessment also integrates information from a 90 minute couple session and a 60 minute individual session with each partner. The final step is a session to discuss the findings and how the couple choices to use the information to make changes.
  • Building a Resilient Relationship:  ​This is a class offered monthly for those who are interested in learning what the research says about maintaining satisfying relationships.  Participants will obtain a roadmap for a successful relationship, learn practical skills for a strong partnership, identify warning signs of relationship meltdown, and discover remedies for poisonous behavior.